Pre-Listing Home Inspection Services

Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Pre-listing home inspection services provided by Core Property Inspections help you prepare to list your property for sale. 

  • Are you looking to sell your property?
  • Are you looking to make sure the property is in a condition to sell? 
  • Are you nervous about what a buyer might find, or try and negotiate off the price you are asking for?

Perhaps you should consider a Pre-Listing inspection. Core Property Inspections would conduct a standard home inspection on the property before you list it. There are a couple of advantages to this.

  1. The inspection report will show what items you may need to repair prior to listing. Doing this can create a more attractive property for a potential buyer to make an offer.

  2. The inspection report is ready BEFORE a buyer reviews the property. A very common time for a buyer to negotiate a price is after they conduct their own inspection on a property. By having an inspection report done first, you can get ahead of any negotiation situation and protect the price you are asking for on your property.

Both of these will create confidence for a potential buyer to make an offer and have proven to fetch a high price.

If you have questions or wish to book a Pre-Listing inspection, contact us here.

Our Pre-listing Inspection Process



Get in touch with us by requesting a quote, booking online, or giving us a call.



We will complete your inspection. Typically home inspections take around 3+ hours depending on the size.


Delivery of Report

Your detailed report will be delivered the same day as the inspection.

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