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Below you will find various resources that will come in handy when you are building, renovating, or selling your home. Click the links to be directed to the resource.

Municipal Web Sites

Take a look at your municiple website to learn more about buildling bylaws, development bylaws, and zoning bylaws.

Recent Articles

Decks & Balconies

Decks are wonderful features that everyone enjoys. People like to use it for parties, BBQs, etc. However these features are constantly exposed to the elements and do take a lot of abuse from rain, wind, snow, etc. Generally, all wood decks...


Water is a powerful thing, and because the very nature of its state means it can work its way into anything eventually. Hence why we focus so much on how a house is able to endure the elements. When I speak of drainage...

Siding & Cladding

When I speak of cladding or siding, I speak on the material that is used on the exterior of the house to shield the interior from weather. Obviously a very important feature of a property.

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